Mesquite Road Consulting

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THE STORYMesquite Road Consulting (MRC) is a boutique consulting firm focused on research and development in assistive technologies (AT), including: exoskeleton systems, prosthetic and orthotic devices, rehabilitation robotics, physical rehabilitation, and more. Fueled by the vision to empower lives by improving technology, MRC aims to inspire, assist, and support the research, development, and commercialization of AT to enhance the lives of people with injuries and disabilities. The MRC mission was born in 2003 within the Military Amputee Research Program (MARP) at Fort Detrick, Maryland. The MARP program was formed and Congressionally-funded for the benefit of service members whose lives had been irrevocably altered through significant and traumatic injury during their volunteer service to our nation. The resulting improved quality of life for these wounded service men and women inspired the formation of MRC and the continuation of their mission. MRC’s founder and principal, a Mesquite, TX native, symbolically named his consulting firm after two key components—the highly adaptable and sustainable Mesquite tree, indigenous to the Lone Star state and famous for its remarkably tenacious root system; and the road’s journey to empowerment, for those who’s lives are aided by AT. Much like their perseverance, MRC is determined, skilled, and innovative—an invaluable resource in the AT research and development industry.

I can't express strongly enough the value that Lisa Gorham Creative represents. I first spoke with Lisa about rebranding Mesquite Road Consulting, and the goal of launching prior to an up-coming important conference. The way I saw Lisa connect with her clients convinced me that she was the person I needed. She never put me second, she always responded quickly, and she assigned me tough homework. (Uh, yeah—but I think that was really the secret sauce!) Lisa Gorham Creative delivered a brand identity, print and digital brand applications, and a great deal of professional confidence. So the conference. It was a month ago. And today, every potential client with whom I spoke while there, is now in the process of becoming a client. No, it wasn't solely because of a new brand identity & website... Or was it?


THE SOLUTIONMRC turned to Lisa Gorham Creative when it came time to rebrand and define a new strategy for the firm. A new brand platform was established followed by the development of a new brand identity that aligned with the company’s redefined mission, vision, and promise. The new identity suite tells the brand story in a simple, yet clever way. The primary wordmark features a customized Q showcasing a lone star—unmistakably Texan—at its heart, a beacon of MRC's mission; and the road's journey leading to the future is revealed at the base of the star. The unification of the two icons signifies the firm’s vision, empowering lives by improving technology.

THE SOUVENIRSMUSE Creative Award for Logo Design

Lisa Gorham Creative didn't deliver what I wanted, Lisa delivered what I needed—which was so much more than I could have imagined. While I now have an amazing, relevant, and meaningful logo and brand identity portfolio in beautiful colors, Lisa also delivered confidence, brand legitimacy, and the professional expression of a professional firm.