As one of Maryland’s first vintage tap truck rental services, this classy chassis and her charismatic service team, really know how to pour on the Ol’ Charm. Founder, Thomas Kuzma, had an exciting vision for a new company—turning his passion for classic trucks, craft beverages, and good ol’ fashioned chivalry, into an extraordinary mobile bar experience. In 2020, that dream became a reality.

To add to the excitement of the company’s official launch, the World Brand Design Society (WBDS), an international creative community that benchmarks and awards creatives in the fields of corporate and consumer brand design, showcased Ol’ Charm’s brand and visual identity—view the full WBDS branding feature.


Lisa Gorham Creative combines small town charm with corporate execution. Working with Ms. Gorham on an initial brand identity has been a true privilege. Ms. Gorham did not compromise creativity, talent, or clear communication throughout the entire brand discovery, development, and deployment process. Staying true to company attributes, the identity suite she created surpassed all expectations. Her natural professional and personal coaching has positioned our new business toward success. I am extremely thankful and look forward to a continued partnership with Lisa Gorham Creative.


I'm so excited to see Ol' Charm launch their business and brand, despite the challenges of 2020. Their passion, determination, and unique business model is a perfect addition to the service industry and the Maryland/DC/Virginia communities. I'm thrilled to see their brand and identity recognized by the World Brand Design Society. Cheers Ol' Charm!


See the full Ol’ Charm branding case study.

Event Photography Courtesy of Marissa Rose Photography.

The World Brand Design Society is an internationally focused community, founded in 2008 with the mission of highlighting exceptional consumer packaging and corporate brand design while bringing knowledge and community closer together. WBDS aims to promote the practices of the industry and actively support design students, professionals and agencies by encouraging further dialogue, celebrating their creativity, bringing people to the forefront and presenting their work on a global stage.


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