Tell us a little about your company.

In 2015 I launched Lisa Gorham Creative, a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio with a focus on brand and identity development. I collaborate closely with my clients to help build brand success through strategy, thoughtful conceptualization, execution, and attention to detail.


Who are your customers?

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some incredible clients in a multitude of industries, including: apparel companies, real estate agencies, vineyards, design and build construction, investment and finance, health and beauty, e-commerce, small business, corporate, higher-education institutes, and non-profits.


What is the best part of what you do? Most challenging?

It’s hard to choose just one thing that’s the best, but if I have to, I’d say my clientele. I’m lucky to have some pretty amazing clients—they understand who their company/organization is and truly care for their brand’s success. They love to be a part of the creative and strategic process on each and every project. Because of this great chemistry I get to do some pretty cool stuff.

My biggest challenge would probably be my struggle with turning off, mentally, at the end of the day. I find it hard to leave work in the studio and out of mind. In the evenings I often myself contemplating concepts and ideas and even sneaking in more sketching time when I should be recharging. The creative mind needs a healthy break on the daily… I’m working on it.


What made you choose to be a sponsor of the AAF-GF?

I’ve been a member of the AAF-GF since 2005. I’ve been lucky to serve on its board, volunteer for several committees at the local and District level, and have attended numerous AAF educational and social events. Over these many years I’ve formed countless friendships and connections—not only with local AAF members, but also at the District and National levels. It is because of the generosity of volunteers, sponsors, and club leadership that our club exists, continues to grow, and is able to provide the benefit of those connections and friendships.

I want to see our club do great things at the local, district, and national level, flourish because of its hard work, and to inspire its members, local businesses, and other organizations. This is why I choose to be an active member and sponsor.


Any industry advice you can pass along?

Always challenge yourself and never take the easy way out. Aim to do something great.


How can people get in touch with your company to learn more?




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Lisa Gorham Creative is a multi-disciplinary branding and graphic design studio focused on delivering dynamic and engaging brand experiences.

Elevate and empower your company or organization by telling your brand’s true story. It all begins with thoughtful strategy, purposeful creativity, and exceptional craft.